Wear What Matters

What if the clothes you wore helped create work opportunities for trafficked survivors and funded education for children? That’s what we're about.

One Tenth is a socially conscious fashion label based in Perth, Australia. We believe in doing business better. We work with local artists and designers to create bespoke designs and collaborate with fair trade garment factories to help create jobs for trafficked survivors. We then invest 10% of our profits to help fund education for children in Kolkata.  

Promote Good Design

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

— Maya Angelou

We work with artists and designers who have an appreciation for craftsmanship and quality; and share the same ethos of social responsibility. Our philosophy is progress; we are continually challenging ourselves and looking for creative ways to do business better. If you would like to work with us, you can apply here.

Increase Work Opportunities

There is no beauty in the finest clothes if it makes hunger and unhappiness.

— Gandhi

The people we work with to create our products are fair trade companies. We know them personally, have access to their workspaces and communicate openly. We choose producers who aid in providing jobs to those who have been trafficked or are at high risk. With each purchase we help to increase work opportunities for those in need. Each product we sell shows who made it and where it was made. 

Fund Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

— Nelson Mandela

Our vision and passion is to end the cycle of poverty in Kolkata. This is why 10% our profits goes into funding education for those who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. We work directly with Tamar Education Program. They provide us with monthly updates on each child’s progress. Our contribution towards the child’s education is a partnership with his or her mother, empowering her to also play an important role in the child’s future.

Our Story

In March 2015, our founder Angel Robins visited Sonagachi, Kolkata. This town is home to approximately 11,000 sex workers. The most populous red-light district in India.  She saw first hand the impact sex-trafficking had on women and children. It was there she connected with a garment factory that was creating a real change by offering alternative employment to women trapped in the sex trade.

Upon returning to Perth, she was inspired to create a social enterprise that supports this factory and invests in education for those in need. “By investing in education, we are providing children in these communities with a way off the streets and into a classroom,” she says. “It's an opportunity for them to change their own future, as well as their family’s.” It was then the idea of One Tenth was born, an online fashion label with the aim to do business better. 

Once the concept took its shape, the business was launched through Kickstarter to help raise the capital. We hustled and in 28 days, with the help of over 180 backers (if you’re one of them, once again THANK YOU) we reached our goal of $20k.

Our team is held together by a shared vision of generosity and creativity. Our goal is to relentlessly work together to help end the cycle of poverty through education.