To the artisans, the creative souls; the ones who create to see change, we need you.

We would love to feature your work on our tees or totes, if we both fit. Simply get started by applying here.

Andrea Hildebrandt

Andrea is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and full time people watcher currently based in Melbourne, VIC.

With a focus on the small details and thoughts of this world communicated through puns and simplistic details. If she isn’t drawing, she’s out exploring the coastlines, mountain edges and various other forms of open spaces searching for inspiration and motivation.

See more of her work here.

Miranda Mayne

Mira is our Head of Creative Design. She created our logo and calls the shots when it comes to how we visually represent our brand on social media. Passionate about using her skills to help small businesses thrive through design, we love that she chose to work with us from day one! A creative genius, a young entrepreneur herself, she’s an asset to our team.

Mira is a freelance designer currently based in Perth, WA. You can check her work here.